'Back to School' Essentials Pack
  • 'Back to School' Essentials Pack

    The 'Back to School' Essentials Pack is our "one stop shop" for living sustainably during your studies. Whether at school or at University, this pack will replace many commonly used plastic items with sustainable alternatives. By purchasing our Essentials Pack, you are making the first step to changing your lifestyle to be more plastic free and can be sure that the suppliers we have chosen are ethically sound as well (more information about our suppliers is in the about section).


    This pack contains:

    1 medium sized reusable KeepCup coffee cup.

    1 pad of recycled A4 lined paper.

    1 stationary set and pencil case almost entirely made from recycled materials.

    1 bamboo toothbrush.

    1 fairtrade cotton tote bag.


    This is all with zero plastic waste and our stock came like this as well. When purchasing the pack, simply enter what colour you would like your coffee cup and pencil case to be (all other items come in one colour).


    The options are:


    Coffee cup - EthiCo (blue and green), blossom (blue and red), blueberry (purple), blue ash (grey and blue) or banana milkshake (yellow).


    Pencil case - blue, black, purple, red.

      Pencil case
      Coffee cup

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