We started off as a group of students from the University of Southampton who have come together to help tackle the issue of plastic waste. We want to reduce the amount of plastic that goes to landfill and provide alternatives to disposable plastic. We were lucky enough to win some funding from Southampton Student Enterprise to allow us to bring you KeepCup coffee cups and product test the recycled materials and bring you the Essentials Pack.

We have now expanded and provide reusable products to small independent shops in Hampshire and soon in Warwickshire too. At EthiCo, we have 3 main areas to target out work:

1. We work with individuals to give them the tools to reduce their own plastic waste.

2. We work with communities via local shops to provide affordable stock on a sale or return basis. This allows shops, who wouldn't normally be able to afford these items, be able to sell good quality products without purchasing them first. This is as well as campaigns throughout the year to promote local charities and make sustainably sourced items more accessible to everyone in our community.

3. We join national campaigns and petitions to get rid of disposable plastic in our society and also join UK wide beach clean ups.

Meet the team!


Co-founder and in charge of media management, accounts and community collaborations.


In charge of Hampshire sales and events.


EthiCo mum and in charge of Midlands sales, online orders and upcycling projects. 


Co-founder and current EthiCo ambassador.


Co-founder and current EthiCo ambassador. 


A former Co-founder who unfortunately is no longer able to continue with EthiCo. However we would not be where we are without the hard work put in by her to create this company. Goodbye Maria and good luck for the future!

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